Tyre pressures and costs - the numbers count

Under-inflated tyres increase your vehicle’s drag, which increases fuel consumption. But by how much exactly? A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the USA found that every 1 per cent decrease in tyre pressure correlated to a 0.3 per cent reduction in fuel economy.

Show me the numbers

Under inflation of the tyre by 10 per cent increases fuel consumption by 2 per cent. That’s a lot. Twenty per cent under-inflation increases fuel consumption by 4 per cent. With tyre pressure at 40 per cent below the recommended level, the tyre’s fuel consumption increases by 8 per cent. And from there it’s all mathematical!

Long term Effects

This can have a significant effect over time as tyres can naturally lose one to two PSI per month. Changes in temperatures can also affect tyre pressure. For every 5 °C drop in temperature, there is a 2 per cent loss in tyre pressure.

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