Looking beyond the tyres – the future of fleet efficiencies

To offer true value to our customers we’re changing up the tyre game, with a smart tech solution to keep fleets on the road for longer. S5i is our Super-5 integrated technology suite and it’s a game-changer.

S5i includes live updates, vehicle location tracking, re-torque alerts, rapid dispatch, and routine tyre checks using our efficient software.

S5i uses a suite of technologies that address problems before they become visible, resulting in;

  • High productivity for your business and a reduction in downtime events.
  • Reduced servicing costs through improved tyre puncture and failure rates.
  • Informed decisions which lead to improved tyre performance metrics.


By introducing S5i we have streamlined response times. S5i collects vehicle GPS data for optimised technician selection and route 

planning, resulting in minimal customer downtime.


S5i cuts through the noise by translating data into actionable insights. Our Bluetooth-enabled tyre pressure and tread depth probes connect with our mobile platform to log tyre condition data. This allows us to identify issues before they result in downtime events.

If this sounds like a solution to your challenges around cost management and real-time data – then get in touch today.