Pump it up – it makes sense

Underinflated tyres are among the leading causes of tyre failure. They increase the tyre footprint, increasing friction and wear. A tyre doesn’t need to look a little flat to be underinflated, so always check it using a tyre gauge. In fact, a tyre with 25 per cent of the air let out of it looks like a fully inflated tyre.

Here are some common issues…

•       Increased rolling resistance which makes the engine work harder

•       Uneven tread wear, with the edges of the tyre wearing out faster

•       Poor braking performance leading to safety concerns

•       Increased fuel consumption due to the rolling resistance

Over-inflated tyres on the other hand give you a bumpier ride, compromise handling and create uneven tread wear. There is a myth that the more your tyre is inflated, the better fuel economy is. This isn’t a practical solution. It’s best to keep your tyres inflated at the recommended level.

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