Tyre Management Has Evolved

Introducing mytyre

With MyTyre we've taken a huge step forward in our evolution from tyre supplier to tyre solutions provider. MyTyre is a digital tyre management solution that tracks tyre condition and performance. Our customers can login form anywhere at anytime to view real-time tyre performance and tyre condition data on each vehicle within their fleet. Through the live portal, our customers can assess a wealth of information about tyre economy and fleet efficiency which ultimately leads to better informed decision making.

Tyre Cost & Performance Reports

With live reporting of tyre cost and distance travelled, we can quickly identify which tyres provide the best economy for each individual vehicle. Our customers can view total tyre cost and tyre cost per kilometre over the entire fleet right down to each individual tyre. MyTyre allows us to make more informed decisions based on the actual data pulled from each vehicle.

Tyre Condition Reports

Stay up to date on the condition of your fleet's tyres with real-time tyre inspection reports which detail tyre pressures and tread depths. You can also easily track what service work has been carried out on each tyre, for example you can see when a tyre was last turned or rotated and whether its been punctured during its life.

Book Service Work

You can even book jobs directly through MyTyre, we receive them instantly, allocate them to a technician and we'll be straight on it.