Fleet Partner Programme

We've identified that fitting tyres is only a small part of the total service package required by our customers. Through our partnership approach we assist customers by managing, maintaining and replacing their tyres. But we also know running a well-performing fleet is about more than that; it's about economy and efficiency.

Our Fleet Partner Programme is a full tyre management solution designed to help prevent downtime and proactively maintain and manage your fleet’s tyres in a way that ensures best service, performance and value for money. Being part of our Fleet Partner Programme includes the following great benefits.

preventative maintenance

We design a proactive preventative maintenance programme around your operations. Our objective is to be one step ahead and identify tyre issues before they become problems. We carry out regular tyre inspections and maintenance to lessen the likelihood of tyre related downtime. If issues are identified, they are monitored and managed to reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns.

call out time guarantee

If your wheels aren't turning, chances are your company is losing money. Downtime is a big contributor to lost productivity, that's why we match your tyres to the application and provide a preventative maintenance programme. However, some tyre punctures and accidents cannot be avoided, to ensure your downtime is kept to a minimum we have a call-out time guarantee. All call-outs within a 30km radius of our service centres will be responded to within 1 hour or it’s free*.

real time maintenance reports

Stay up to date on the condition of your fleet's tyres with real-time tyre maintenance reports. Our customers have access to a wealth of information including tyre inspection reports which detail tyre pressures and tread depths, and tyre maintenance reports which detail the work that has been carried out. This ultimately leads to better informed decision making.

A partnership approach

We get to know your business and fleet inside out and your dedicated service technician works like they’re a part of it too, providing personalised proactive service based on your exact needs. To ensure we’re always delivering what you need, we get together with you on a regular basis to discuss tyre performance and service levels.

Serious cost savings

By shortening the supply chain (we supply directly from the manufacturer) and working with our customers to manage their tyre cost per kilometre, we’ve been able to add value to our customers’ businesses and many have experienced a significant reduction in tyre-related costs.


* Includes all service changes, new tyres will be charged at standard rates.