Keeping Business Fit

20 August 2018


Shane | BDM

Inspiration & Motivation

As youngsters we are inspired by the superstars of our time, the best in their field. Those that we can identify with and think “one day I too will climb Mount Everest”. Unfortunately for the vast majority the road to the top is often years of discipline motivation and commitment unseen and often revealed long after the crowning achievements.

For this there needs to be a GOAL, short term targets to inspire motivation with visions of long term success. Preparation is key and just like race cars run top fuel and top athletes eat well so should our business. “You are what you eat” and as a business what we digest in terms of information should of relevance to the core vision. Ie what is happening at the coal face /on the road.

Train like a Pro

Don’t be distracted, keep your focus and don’t make mountains of mole hills the biggest barriers are those we put up ourselves. Looking at facebook during work hours may be seen as a personal use of company hours but as the biggest and most powerful influencing and marketing empire in history, these guys are at the top of their game and can we gain from this? Perhaps, but keeping it relevant to training towards your goal is vital. Keeping tabs on competitors you have competed against and think “wow they really have an edge” and “where did they find the strength to do that” may just give way to future gains. The best insights into successful icons are often as subtle as a selfie or an update, use this as motivation.

Do the kms, in any emerging successful athlete or business there is a period or point of time that is spent doing the hard yards putting your neck on the chopping block as it were and pushing yourself to the limit is always the best way to exceed your expectations, but there has be a calculated risk over reward cut out measure. Going in for that final sprint with 50 other competitors knowing you have work in the morning. Then watching the bunch crash to the ground at 55kmh may not be top of mind when you have worked so hard to come this close but exercising clarity in objectives is important and few posses it at elite levels.

Support Crew

Every top competitor has a crew and every team has a leader, successful individual athletes are often accredited with the success but there is always a loyal pack of team mates and a very supportive partner that has too endure the endless hours of training and development. As a team everyone has a vital role and have been selected for his or her skill and knowledge in performing individual tasks relevant to getting over the try line. The importance of balance is essential as the enjoyment and passion must remain. As a team our focus has to remain on what we do, what are our core objectives, Service? Superior Product? Exceeding Expectations. None of this can be achieved unless we all commit and are transparent in our approach. Set the vision and stay focused.
Stay Lean: If you can achieve goals with minimum effort and expenditure you are “making gains”. The leaner we run the more profitable or fitter we become and at the same time losing excess we don’t need or use. Leaner faster stronger.


Once you have reached a level of optimal performance its important to not let this be your goal, continually asses and reassess this can be done immediately on getting to a point of success once you’re at the front give it everything you’ve got, don’t just exceed the oppositions expectations but continually redefine yours.

We are capable of so much more than we think, and complacency can be the biggest setback of all. Giving your absolute best and coming last isn’t a failure it’s a benchmark. You will only get better competing with the best, it may take years before you see results but without putting in the work you won’t learn all the secrets that come with setbacks. Expect to give it everything you’ve got, and you are already exceeding.

Whether you’re a team or an individual keeping fit relates not only to physical and mental but also to family friends work and business.

When all are in sync., Amazing things can happen.

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