16 March 2019


With the introduction of smart tech and digital interface, fleet tyre management has evolved from tyre supplier to tyre solutions provider.

Now customers can log in anywhere at any time to view real time tyre performance and condition data on each vehicle within their fleet. Live portals give customers a wealth of information on tyre economy and fleet efficiency which ultimately leads to better informed decision making.


SuperTyre was established in 2011 with a focus on the commercial tyre industry, supplying and servicing tyres for commercial vehicle fleets. SuperTyre operates a vertically integrated model of distribution by shortening the supply chain and operating with a low-cost business structure, SuperTyre has developed a cost-leadership position within the commercial tyre market.

In 2016 we conducted a widespread review of New Zealand’s commercial tyre industry including many operator interviews. What we identified was that fitting tyres is only a small part of the total service package required by our customers. We listened to what you wanted and are busy transitioning from a tyre supplier to a tyre solutions provider.

We can be agile in an ever-disruptive industry and are never happy with the status quo. Were on a mission for continuous improvement, by adopting the latest digital technologies and utilizing tools such as lean manufacturing, we’ve developed smarter tyre solutions that add value and reduce cost for our customers.


With live reporting of tyre cost and distance travelled, the provider can then identify which tyre’s provide the best economy for each individual vehicle. Customers can view total tyre cost per kilometer over the entire fleet right down to each individual tyre, and then collaboratively make a more informed decision based on the actual data pulled from each vehicle.


Stay up to date on the condition of your fleet’s tyre’s with real time tyre inspection reports which detail tyre pressures and tread depths. You can also easily track what service work has been carried out on each tyre, for example you can see when a tyre was last turned or rotated and whether it’s been punctured during its life. Booking work can be done online, an alert is sent to the first available technician who can then reply with an ETA.


GPS and E Road means that technicians can track and asses truck movements so there is no downtime, and no one should be left waiting losing precious time and money.


The use of tyre pressure sensors is not a new thing but with the reduction in pricing the availability becomes easier and then with a simple download the entire vehicle can be quickly checked at a glance on a  mobile phone. Should there be a sudden loss in pressure the driver and technician are alerted, and corrective action is undertaken.

As an industry the collaboration of information is the best way forward because no matter how much technology we have available “our people” will still be our greatest asset.

Doing our best to provide a seamless experience without disruption to operations at the heart of everything we do.

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