Coast 2 Coast the SuperTyre way

07 March 2019

We Build Trust

When we make a decision, we like to stick to it around here, perfect example of that is Dayne the GM’s decision in early 2018 to commit to the infamous 2-day individual multisport race Coast to Coast 2019. For those that don’t know the C2C is NZ’s premier multisport event composed of 3 disciplines Mountain Running, Cycling and Kayak.

253kms from the rugged west coast to the seaside town of New Brighton Christchurch.

It was never going to be an easy task to balance family, training, work, and managing a busy company with 4 branches NZ wide.

Training partners came and went, and time ticked ever closer.

Trust is built on hard work, dedication and communication.


We Find Ways

Friday February 8th, 2019 on the start line with 1000 competitors in the middle of the west coast and nothing else matters but finding the strength to make it to New Brighton Pier 253kms away.

1st day was hell, 2km run then 55km cycle with huge efforts to chase down the lead bunch, to the 33km mountain run over boulders up creek beds and basically up hill, there was serious doubt of even being able to move the next morning.


2nd day and the doubts were a reality, barely able to stand and using the bike as basically a crutch to get to the start line, hobbling was the best way to describe the motion. Surprisingly 15km later the doubts disappeared, and the legs felt fine. Next comes the mental fatigue which is best described as “dark places”. The only thing that shines through that is positive thoughts of family. Kayak the weakest discipline, with the river quite low even the elite guys had trouble staying upright. 4 hours 67kms downstream, smashing personal records the only way to get out was to be physically lifted out by the bros at the other end.


70km bike to the finish line giving it everything the body had left, the last short run to the finish through sand was a cruel twist but the sight of family made the journey a huge personal victory.

Finding ways to overcome obstacles and achieve goals regardless of the level of difficulty. 66th overall and 33rd Mens Open 18-39. Epic effort.

We Stay Safe

Making it home safe to our families is what everyone wants, deserves and expects each time we walk out of the front door.

We each have a responsibility to look after each other, during the C2C with over 1000 competitors the need to draw from others around you to motivate and inspire you can sometimes be key to pushing down previous benchmarks. One highlight never forgotten was the time spent running with “Richie” yes that Richie you know the All Black.

Being on the same level pushing each other on and seeing the raw emotion of one of our country’s finest sporting legends one can’t help but respect and feel responsible for making sure safety is held in high regard.

With so many possible risks, looking out for one another is the best way to minimise potential harm. Mateship is our motto.

We are Different

How can we stand out we stand out in an industry that’s pretty famous for being the same? We are solutions focused, we challenge the status quo and we try new things fail fast and learn.

 Congratulations Dayne from the Super Tyre Team.

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